Affiliate Port awaits your ship 

Become an affiliate. Promote our campaigns and profit from your projects. The principle of affiliate marketing is simple.

How to become an affiliate and profit from your own projects

Any site owner, publisher, social network group user, blogger or influencer can effectively engage in affiliate marketing and earn revenue by using our affiliate network.

It is very simple:

  1. Sign up on our affiliate network to access affiliate campaigns. Created by website and web project operators, these campaigns offer affiliates a reward for commissioned visitors or customers.
  2. Choose the campaigns that best fit your project, site, or social network group and start promoting your campaigns. The better your campaign is targeted, the more likely it is to engage users and bring you the profit you want.
  3. Our network measures and reports purchases and online store visits via affiliate links.
  4. You will then be rewarded for the conversations approved by our network.

How does affiliate marketing work?

The affiliate network arrange cooperation with advertisers. The network generates tracking codes for the advertiser and places on their website. This code will record every affiliate visit and conversion. Once an affiliate visitor converts within a predetermined period of time (such as within 30 days) and the advertiser agrees that it is valid, we will record this in the system.


Are you already an experienced affiliate manager?

Are you already an experienced affiliate manager and do you have commission-earning projects? Then the above information is a little repetition for you.

What you can expect from us


    AffiliatePort uses state-of-the-art TUNE software for conversion tracking. The software has sophisticated APIs, it is the leader in fraud detection and safely tracks mobile devices.


    We pay great attention to our partners. We will be happy to meet you, discuss your projects and the possibilities our network has in your support. We are fully at your disposal personally in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and of course online on skype or mail.


    We are constantly negotiating with new advertisers, arranging new campaigns (campaign catalog), but we are also actively providing advantages for executive publishers. We provide special coupons, samples, products for reviews.

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