The Affiliate Port awaits your boarding

Advertise your campaigns through our affiliate network and get new customers.

How does affiliate marketing work from an advertiser / client perspective?

Affiliate marketing helps increase E-commerce projects turnover and profitability with measurable costs of these additional sales. As an E-commerce Project Operator, you create an affiliate network campaign to offer affiliate partners a commission for a customer or business visitor.

The commission is always related to a clearly measurable action, such as sales, creating a demand, registering a new customer or a unique visit. The commission is set as a fixed amount (eg 200 CZK per sale, demand), as a percentage of the created sales of goods and services (eg 10% of the customer’s spending) or as a long-term share of the new customer’s turnover.


  • Online Store

    2 to 20 % of the revenue

  • Infoproducts

    25 to 50 % of the product price

  • Health

    80 CZK for each food supplement package sold

  • Car insurance

    50 to 100 CZK per demand

  • SaaS products

    10 to 30 % from each
    transaction of a gained customer

Affiliate in comparison to a conventional advertising

Unlike classic advertising, affiliates do not pay for ad placement or impression. Affiliates pay only for gaining a visitor or making a sale. Affiliate marketing is more efficient for E-commerce projects than traditional advertising formats such as print advertising or banner campaigns.

Setting an affiliate model is crucial for affiliate marketing success. It is necessary to present the product or service correctly, build affiliate relationships and provide them with sufficient resources to effectively promote the campaign. A suitable targeting method, which will increase the likelihood of profitable new customers and create a mutually beneficial relationship is also necessary.

Another important benefit of affiliate marketing is brand building. Affiliate partners, publishers, influencers and bloggers write a variety of reviews, articles and display hundreds of thousands of banners, and millions of references to our online store, and advertisers. This gives the advertiser much more than just conversions, and there’s no extra pay for this brand support.


How did some of our advertisers start their campaigns?

Campaign launch often has a very common course. Engaging your cashbacks and coupon sites in your campaign typically leads to a rapid increase in clicks and conversions. In the coming months, content web partners will be added. This part has a slower start due to editorial plans and the impact of search results on Google and Seznam (SEO). For these reasons it is not possible to test an affiliate campaign for just three months. The evaluation requires at least a half-year period.