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Technical Cookies

They provide basic technical functionality of websites / portals, ie login, use of services etc.

Relational Cookies

Session cookies are automatically deleted when you leave the site. They help them display correctly when they visit your site.

Permanent cookies

Permanent cookies are stored on your device and may contain your browser’s anonymous identifier. Permanent cookies do not identify themselves as individuals, they only identify access to the site and the behavior of users accessing a particular device, and are mainly used for statistics of site usage. Permanent cookies may also be used in particular for measurement and advertising. Tracking cookies can recognize repeated visits to websites from the same browser on the same device, and track browsing activity.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies allow you to display targeted advertising on websites on the Internet that are involved in this advertising system. Targeted advertising is based on the behavior of an anonymous user or user group on a website, by identifying their browser as described above. For example, if you searched for accommodation last time, targeted advertising is likely to offer or remind you of this service the next time you visit.

Other sites that are involved in this ad system include some social networking sites.

Possible other types of cookies can then be used, for example, for the proper functioning of our services (such as forms), in questionnaire research or for testing parts of the website and its functionality.

Everything helps us to improve the quality of our services.

Title 3. page Description
Serving / TrackPoint
AdForm AdForm uses these cookies to personalize advertising messages.
r / collect
Doubleclick These advertising cookies are stored in Google DoubleClick and are used to personalize ads that users see based on previous visits to our website.
Facebook Uses Facebook to send a variety of promotional products, such as real-time third-party advertiser offers.
Youtube Registers a unique ID that Google uses to keep track of how visitors use YouTube videos from different websites.
_hjShownFeedbackMessage Cookies are set up for qualitative research on the use of the site using HotJar.
Google Statistical cookies help website owners understand how visitors use the website.
Google Google uses these cookies based on recent searches and interactions and personalizes ads on Google sites.
IDE Google and Doubleclick These advertising cookies are stored in Google DoubleClick and are used to personalize ads that users see based on previous visits to our website.

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