Take a look at what the famous personalities of the Czech online world say about us.

Our references

  • “We chose the Affiliate Club as an affiliate marketing provider for the DATART brand in the Czech and Slovak markets. We primarily appreciate the individual approach, tailoring the program to our requirements, proactive customer care and the speed with which we managed to run the program and achieve excellent results.

    A big positive aspect is also the active marketing of the Affiliate Club and the effort to constantly move forward. On behalf of the DATART brand, we can recommend the Affiliate Club to anyone who is thinking of running an affiliate program and their primary priority is effective resource management. ”


    Barbora Mandová Datart

  • “We began using Affiliate Marketing as a means to drive new customers and increase the brand awareness. It is a tool that can target customers who are not captured by PPC ads, social networks and other of our classic channels. We are satisfied with the Affiliate Club, it leads us to new customers, thus increasing the online store turnover. The cooperation therefore met our expectations. ”


    Eva Vihanová i-living

  • “We decided to join AffiliateClub when we were looking for new opportunities to increase our online store revenue. AffiliateClub accomplished this and became an important part of our marketing mix. Thanks to them we have reached a number of partners what would otherwise be difficult to reach for us. ”


    Štěpán Heller boardstar

  • “We have been operating in the market for demand systems for a relatively short time, but over the years we have been able to create a base of tens of thousands of satisfied customers. One of the prerequisites with which we have started to develop Poptá is our desire to constantly improve services and seek new ways of reaching customers. AffiliateClub was one of the ways to take the services a step further and I am very pleased that our partnership continues to deepen successfully. ”


    Jakub Sklenář

  • “Since we were not successful in the competition on foreign markets and we knew that the Affiliate Club is one of the top in the Czech and Slovak markets, we decided to join the Affiliate Club. This step proved to be very successful in the very first few months. Satisfaction prevails mainly in the fast, efficient and meaningful communication. ”


    Michal Cibulec wayfarer

  • We are satisfied with the cooperation with Affiliate Port. Communication excellent. Processes are set up and functioning. It brought us new customers, which is the main think. There can always be more of them and we are trying to do so by mutual activities.


  • Affiliate Port is a smaller network for us but we are still very happy to work with them. Account manager Jitka is in very close communication with us regularly informing us about all upcoming events and there definitely is a solid portion of them. We are very satisfied with the way they present our company in their events. We also appreciate that all graphic materials, which are created in addition to those supplied by us, respect our visual style guide. Every month, we can rely on a clear report of both marketing activities and the affiliate program itself. Their commission approval process is also on point.

    I see a great potential in AffiliatePort and I believe that we will come to observe how our partner database is constantly expanding and network performance is growing.

    Adéla Lampová Adrop