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Founded in 2009, ESR is a global technology company that integrates research and development, design and manufacturing to create products that make life easier. ESR develops simple, effective, and technologically enhanced products and services that give people a better experience with technology in their everyday lives. Through online platforms and retail distribution, ESR has built a user base of over 80 million people in 180 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. As of 2018, ESR holds a top 3 ranking on Amazon for smart device protection and reaches customers online across 20 e-commerce platforms. Offline, ESR has expanded into more than 50 countries, providing its 200+ partners with high-quality products at industry-leading speeds. ESR has already acquired more than 110 patents for consumer electronics accessories, tech-enhanced products and emerging smart devices, and continues to develop new user-centric products and services that innovate the way people interact with technology.


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